The Benefits Of Property Video In Real Estate

The video makes us smarter. Humans retain 58% more information when we are shown HOW to do something – visually. If you were making a new dish for your family, would you prefer to read instructions from a recipe book or watch a video of someone making it?

Video builds trust and rapport. Studies have shown that people are more likely to like and trust people they have seen in person – even in video marketing – than people they have only spoken to on the phone or through email.

Video is emotional. Video conveys so much more than text or pictures. We are more likely to laugh, cry, be happy or sad by something we see than something we read. If a picture says 1000 words, a video says – them all.

Video is fast. We can convey a message in a shorter about of time with video than text. It could take another real estate agent 20 minutes to convey their value through text whereas that same message can be conveyed almost instantly through video. This is especially important given the immediate gratification, the world we live in. As consumer’s attention spans get smaller you need to grab their attention immediately. Video does that.

The video is believable. You are more likely to believe a video message than one comprised of text or pictures.

Video uses more of our senses. We naturally believe in what we can hear and see. It is easier for our brains to process. These visual cues in a video can convince us of the appeal of a product or service. A home for sale or a real estate agent’s knowledge and experience.

Video Gets Found. Video is 57% more likely to make it on the 1st page of Google than text alone. I have multiple videos on the 1st page. If you were looking for information about Phoenix, about a subdivision, a home for sale, the buying or selling process, short sale, REO – would you click one of the 9 links that all look the same or the video?

A Property Marketing Video creates emotions and attracts potential buyers.

– A Hollywood Style Movie Trailer for the Property! –

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