A Property Marketing Video is emotions!

A Property Marketing Video is such a powerful medium because it creates a much stronger emotional punch than any other form of marketing.

Why do I want to create emotions?

Most people buy a home based on emotion (“Incredible view”, “Love the kitchen cabinets”, “Have you seen the hot tub?” etc.). Any opportunity to capitalize on that emotion puts you one step closer to the sale of that home. Our Property Marketing Videos are compelling and tend to be spontaneous; it is an authentic style that makes an emotional connection with the viewer and results in higher conversion rates and customer retention.

Visitor Retention Results

78 percent of visitors reported they stayed longer on websites that have video tours.
Based on a study done by RealNetworks

80% of businesses have high-speed internet access. 40 million residential households have broadband access
Forester Research

Top 10 Benefits of a Professional Video:
1) Increases sales. Customers/clients who view videos are 85% more likely to purchase (Internet Retailer 2010).
2) Gives you an edge over your competition.
3) Enhances your listings and showcases the property at its very best.
4) Provides an online open house anytime, anywhere around the world.
5) Saves time.
6) Improve relations with international customers, especially if using translated voiceover.
7) Increases satisfaction of homeowners AND customers/clients.
8) Enhances search engine results.
9) Answers FAQ and petty questions.
10) Highlights community features commonly overlooked by customers/clients.

A Property Marketing Video creates emotions and attracts potential buyers.

– A Hollywood Style Movie Trailer for the Property! –

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Some Examples from our marketing factory: